Hi everyone

Lately I had the great opportunity to post-produce, art-direct and edit a very colourful videoclip for Synthie dB Shock, which means quite a lot to me!

Synthie is a very talented musician, creating great synthpop, dance and electronic music since 2013. And now she is back in 2019 after a longer creative break. Next to the music she also plays a very important role in my life, as she is my beloved wife, best friend, muse, listener, supporter, and much much more. Additionally I'm her website and cable guy, since the first day of her career.

As you may have noticed ower the last few months and years, I put my songwriting a bit aside to try out different creative projects, like painting, cooking, a combination of the two, and so on. On this special journey I also found another great "friend" within my life again... my passion for pictures and videos.

Having rediscovered those two passions opened a completely new chapter within my life, as at the end of 2018 I started to support Synthie on the ceative as well as the non musical side of things. And you know what? I LOVE IT, as it combines my love for creative stuff and music.

And just in case you wondereed; Yes, I still make music, but in the near future you may possibly see me doing more stuff for someone else. In summary, I  jumped into this river and will see where this trip will lead me.

In the meantime Synthie dB Shock's new video clip (best viewed in 1080p upwards). I hope you like it:

Take care, stay positive, share love, be creative!


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