Hi everyone!

First of all, THANK YOU for still being here and reading what news I have after more than one year of disappearance!

Maybe you asked yourself, where I disappeared to for the last few months and what was going on that I started to make less and less music and shoot down my social media appearance?!

Well here’s a brief update and NO, it has nothing to do with my paranoia of a corrupt music industry, or too much work in my daily job, or any other excuse. The reason why is much simpler than that…

The last year had a perfect start with moving house, finally having a separate music room, plenty of ideas and the will to take a little bit more time to write songs.
But then the summer came and with the summer I got shingles. Until then I always thought this is just something for old men… NO it isn’t! If I got them from stress or from a bad immune system…. who knows… maybe this goes hand in hand?!

Anyway… it pulled away the ground under my feet as I started having pains in the joints and muscles all over my body (which is still the case on a daily basis). With these pains I fell deeper and deeper into a kind of a depression with a huge lack of motivation to do anything. I think a scruffy piece of mouldy toast had more will, energy and life back then, than I did.

Good news. Now I’m finally on the way to getting out of this dark place, thanks to the tremendous help and patience of my wife, my friends and my family. So hopefully one day soon there will just be the physical pain left to be cured, so I can finally play my guitars for a longer time than right now.

At the moment I’ll take day by day without any plans or task lists. Just enjoying whatever comes smiley.

The good thing out of all that is, that it gave me the chance to rethink my life, what to achieve in the future, how to proceed further in life and where some hidden talents are slumbering. To keep it short: I just found myself again!

So as I can’t sit down and do nothing, I started a little new concept where I paint my cooking ideas, then I’ll cook them and at the end the pictures go online. This food painting also led to me starting to paint other stuff and I never thought that this kind of art could be such a refreshing therapy!

In case you want to take a look into my newborn life, here some links:

@therealcookingdom on Instagram

Dom's Art (Facebook)


Thank you and have a great time


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