Hi everyone!

First of all, THANK YOU for still being here and reading what news I have after more than one year of disappearance!

Maybe you asked yourself, where I disappeared to for the last few months and what was going on that I started to make less and less music and shoot down my social media appearance?!

Well here’s a brief update and NO, it has nothing to do with my paranoia of a corrupt music industry, or too much work in my daily job, or any other excuse. The reason why is much simpler than that…


Hi everyone,

After having received my new drum machine and a lot of sun during this summer, I found the power again to work on a new track. Also the autumn and the upcoming winter with it's gray sky should help to keep it going.

In the meantime I really want to share with you my new baby called "Pain".

I hope you like it and keep those comments coming in.



Hi everyone

After a little time out I had the chance to work on my music again. During this time I wrote a new track called „Little Lies“. Like the other two songs „Pain“ and „Running Away“ it has a lot to do with some experiences out of my real life that I tried to translate into music.

I hope you like it and I would be very pleased to have your feedback and reactions. And if you feel like sharing the song with your friends too, I’d be more than thankful!

Thanks a lot




Here's the newest version of a song I wrote over a year ago and which was the first track I uploaded on Soundcloud.

Old version:

New version:






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