Many months have passed and I was rather quiet during this time. Which doesn’t mean that I’ve done nothing but I took the time to work on a new song which was very emotional for me too, as I was still trying to come to terms with my mothers death after more than 10 years of dealing with it.

With “Running Away“ I created a new song where I used my voice and a mic for the first time. As you can imagine… it took me some time to get warm with my voice :).

Now my head should be completely free for new stuff and I can’t wait to work on new material!

I hope you like the new track and feel free to share it around the planet.





Hi folks

After being away for some time I finally found my way back to music and hope to continue this way!

For those of you who where wondering why I took a little break of 3 months, it was the regular work which kept me quite busy and the fact that my wife and I adopted a 3 year old shelter dog. As you can imagine with all this, there was no space for creativity.

This is by the way our new "son" Woody:


Sunday, raining, and still trying to find the summer again…

Well even if the weather doesn’t seem to have found its place yet, there are also some positive aspects in it. At least it gives me the chance to work on my music again, such as the new Song "Highway To Nowhere" which I started to write some months ago as we were waiting for summer.

With "Highway To Nowhere" I tried to find the kind of music which let you float through feelings of freedom, calmness and harmony.

Now put your headphones on. I hope you like it and that you’ll find it worth to share around as much as possible.

Now enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Hi all

As I’m in the mood for some new stuff and hungry as hell to test and write, I decided to make a new demo available to you.
So here’s my next demo and as always I hope you like it.

Btw: If you ever wonder why I’m uploading every piece of music, let me explain it. As I don’t want to keep them hidden somewhere, I do much more prefer to give you a listen. After all my biggest goal is to make one day a full album. As soon as I have enough songs up, I’ll decide which ones I’ll take to work on them, depending on all responses online. The 10-12 songs with the most positive feedback are the ones I’ll choose.

Have a nice evening,




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