You’re wondering who I am? Hmmm… let me think how I could describe myself without writing a whole autobiography...



Who am I and what do I want?:

To keep it as short as possible for all of us… I’m in my mid-thirties, born and grown up in Switzerland, can’t sit quiet for more than an hour without doing something creative such as making music, writing new songs, painting, photographing, filming, cooking, to think what I could do next, etc., etc., etc.. 

But don’t worry too much about me… These are just my passions next to my regular full time job - which really is a regular one - with people, meetings, structures and stuff like that.



Why am I doing this?:

Having grown up in a family which always used to make music, a father who was conducting, and an aunt who was very interested in arts, didn’t let me run away from it. Running away from things isn’t the solution for anything, anyway. So I decided to better face it and started early to play several instruments such as trumpet, tuba, drums and percussions. Later I also started with the guitar. I also remember myself always having painted something and how I was fascinated by those huge pictures at my aunt’s place. And it looks like I was not made for sport or anything similar. This must be the reason why I stuck to the arts.

Unfortunately in my past I didn’t always have the chance to be creative, as I had to focus on making a little bit of a career. But this main component of art inside of me was always missing until 2013/14. After such a long period I said to myself, "Enough is enough and from now on, you’ll learn to live your dream and stop hiding your stuff in a drawer".



Influences and genre?:

Never ask me those two things! I’m more that kind of person who gets influenced by what he sees and what he is just listening to at present. By the way; it’s almost the same with the genre. I don’t put myself into a typical genre, as this is often influenced by my actual life phase and by my mood.



What’s next?:

I have no concrete plan about what’s next, as I try to live in the present or in that particular "flow" if you want to call it so. Therefore I can’t say things like, "I’m posting something every week", or, "I will release something until…", or, "I will have whatever…"… NO!

There are times in life where I’m flooded by inspirations, which is fantastic, but there are also other times where the inspiration is just faded away.




The goal is to continue writing new songs, to paint new pictures and not keep them hidden in the drawer anymore, where they'll only be gathering dust! 



If you enjoy my stuff and even share it from time to time, then I'll be a happy man!






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