I am a guy in my mid-thirties, born and grown up in Switzerland, can’t sit quiet for more than an hour without doing something such as making music, writing new songs, painting, photographing, filming, cooking, etc.


Having grown up in a family which always used to make music, I was constantly surrounded by all kinds of arts. For me it all started quite early with learning several instruments such as trumpet, tuba, drums and percussions. Later I also started with the electric guitar. I also remember myself always having painted something and how I was fascinated by those huge pictures at my aunt’s place. All these influences during my childhood led me to become what I am today.


I prefer not to classify myself into one specific genre, as my influences often change.


My personal goal is to continue writing new songs, to paint new pictures and not keep them hidden from the world! In short, to always remain creative and curious!



If you like my stuff and even share it with others, then I'll be more than a happy man!






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